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What is an angel? MadDr Madhulika Singh can't express his gratitude in words ..... thank you very much madam मॅ (Original) 😇देवदूत म्हणजे काय तर 👩‍⚕️Dr Madhulika Singh त्यांचे धन्यवाद शब्दात नाही मांडू शकत..... खूप खूप आभार मॅडम👩‍⚕️🙏
pankaj navale
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Ravindraa Singh
One of the best doctor's in Pune.
vijayshyam maurya
Very good, explain everything in details and knowlegable,Patient always feel comfortable while discussing with her
Amit Patil
Best doctor i have seen so far. We are visiting Madhulika ma'm since last 3-4 years and it has been great experience. Highly recommended.
kiran shinde
Dr. Madhulika Singh is well qualified ,skilled OB-Gynae. She has been systematic and logical in approach,in all my pre- delivery and post - delivery issues. She listens and explains everything in a simple manner. Very rare to find a dr. with such a personal care. I highly recommend her.
Juhi B.
Always supportive kind hearted person, and best gynecologist i ever met.thnk you so much mame for ur kind care.
Neha Gajera
Dr. Madhuika is the best doctor which I have seen which understand the patients, understand the situation & always helpful in all situations. I am thanksful to her for timely guidance to have healthy baby. I always recommends everyone to get consult from Apolline Healthcare
Namrata Mohite
Dr Singh is magical… she is the most efficient and lovable person I have ever met … Patient care is very important to her she will get to the root to understand the actual issue … she has helped me a lot with my treatment with PCOS and she has been so pateint wih me during my pregnancy…. I have recommended her strongly to my friends and family and they have been very happy as Dr Singh is just so good with her job…. Thanks a lot my agel for helping me through my tough times u are a gem of a person… I strongly recomment her … She is the best gynac anyone can have ….
sneha tapkir
Have known dr.madhulika sing for more than 4 years now the best doctor I have ever come across. Her diagnosis and prescribed medication are the best for you. I highly recommend her 🙏🙏
karishma gupta
Dr. Madhulika Singh Madam is God for us in our family. Because of Madam's diagnosis and proper treatment we have a beautiful princess in our family. During pregnancy Madam guided us continuously and felt very protective being in safe hands. Madam was available all the time-24×7 and monitored closely while nearing Due date. We are very much thankful to Madam. Madam is very much devoted towards profession. Due to Madam's vast experience and knowledge, takes decisions very accurately and treats excellently. We donot have any words to express our gratitude for giving us life time happiness. We will remember her always in our hearts ❤💖❤. Thanking you Dr. Madhulika Madam..
Renuka B
I am surprised that my delivery was so smooth and easy which was not possible without your guidance. Your care have kept me and my baby healthy.We were most confused with lots of questions and doubts when we approached you. You had answered all of them patiently and cleared all our confusion.Thankyou Mam for all the care and guidance.
Ankita Dakrey
Doctor is having 22 years of experience which make her one of the best doctor ever seen after having PAN INDIA experience. She gives time to patient to understand the problem and related issues. Recommending excellent prescription. Worth visit to resolve issue. Thank you for taking care.
Rajiv Singh
I am taking treatment from Dr Madhulika Mam since last 4 years. She is very experienced and Caring in nature. She is God for me and whenever I talk to her i feel relaxed. She is awesome.
poonam chavan
Highly recommended!!! Doctor Madhulika is very knowledgeable, friendly, caring and approachable. She listens to problems very attentively. She helped me by calming my anxiety as first time mother and my experience with her during and after pregnancy is beautiful. my pregnancy experience was very delightful thanks to her.
pranita rathi
People say doctors are god. I found god in her. She save my baby. Really thankful 💝 of her. Thank you is every small word for her, but for our life time she will remain in our heart. Thank you so much mam for everything. I always recommends everyone to get consult from Apolline Healthcare.
sayali nalawade
I recommend the doctor. She patiently pays attention to the patient and is very friendly in nature. Being overweight, I consulted Dr. Madhulika for my pregnancy and she helped me a lot for which I had a smooth delivery. Overall I had a stress free pregnancy (pre and post delivery) and I whole heartedly want to thank Dr. Madhulika.
Subhashree Bose Paul
I recommend the doctor Doctor approach toward patient is very nice and caring in nature . She ask all about symptoms and basis that diagnosis carried out. I understand due to vast past knowledge and patient behavior, suggested medicine works as miracle. Highly satisfied with such a caring doctor . All the best
Mr. Rajiv Singh
I recommend the doctor despite not being able to meet the patient she knows what to do! Highly recommend..
Sayali Toke
I recommend the doctor She is very experienced doctor , simplify things with good counselling, helped from conception to delivery , only one sentence thank you ma’m.
Sudarshan Sharma